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Anti-litter Group Begins 'butt Out' Campaign

he local chapter of Keep America Beautiful has begun an initiative designed to encourage people to “butt out” in regards to litter.

After a national campaign determined that cigarette materials constituted one of the greatest sources of litter found in cleanups, Keep America Beautiful of Topeka/Shawnee County began an initiative that will install cigarette butt receptacles at eight bus stops around Topeka.

A group of concerned citizens has agreed to monitor and empty the receptacles when needed, said Philicia McKee, executive director of the local chapter of Keep America Beautiful.

The campaign is part of a national Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, which organizers said was field-tested in 13 communities before going national, McKee said.

The local program will launch July 21 at 11 a.m. at the Quincy Street Station bus terminal, 820 S.E. Quincy. Volunteers will distribute free pocket ashtrays and butt buckets — a receptacle for vehicles — to adult smokers.



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