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Chrysler Promises To Discipline Workers Caught Smoking

FOX 2 News' hidden cameras have captured Chrysler Group LLC workers drinking beer and smoking cigarettes what appears to be marijuana in a parking lot at United Auto Workers Local 372 near the company's Trenton Engine Plant during their breaks. Another worker was shown drinking before reporting for work at the plant.

Local officials would not comment on the footage.

Chrysler issued the following statement:

"We are very disturbed by what was captured by FOX 2 cameras in Trenton. To be very clear, Chrysler Group has a strict employee code of conduct and will not tolerate or allow this behavior. Because we take these allegations very seriously, those employees involved will be identified and indefinitely suspended without pay pending further investigation. Any others found to be involved in this matter will be dealt with swiftly.

"While steps have been taken to raise employee awareness, more decisive action may be required to ensure that this behavior does not continue. Additionally, employees who believe they may need assistance can take advantage of a number of programs available to them.

"What is so distressing about this situation is that for the most part, the 55,000 Chrysler employees who work across the company are hard-working, dedicated individuals who are committed to building high-quality products for our customers. It is unfortunate that the bad behavior of a few is calling into question the integrity and character of the rest who are working tirelessly to restore the reputation of this company."

Last year, the station's cameras caught workers drinking during the lunch break in a park near Chrysler's Jefferson North Plant in Detroit. Thirteen of those workers were fired and two suspended.



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