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Buy Richmond Smokes

Cheap Richmond cigarettes prices per carton specially designed for American smokers. Buy Richmond cigarette brand, shipped directly from original European tobacco warehouse. Enjoy the original taste from smoking Richmond cigs provided by - Branded Tobacco Smoke Shop.

Surgeon General's Warning:

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy. Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.

Cigarette Store Richmond offer to buy Richmond Cigarettes for $30.50. Cheap Richmond cigarette prices per 200 Richmond cigarettes. Richmond King Size Cigarettes, Richmond Cherry Cigarettes.

Richmond cigarettes are a value brand of tobacco discount cigarettes re-introduced into UK markets in 2000. They come in the usual varieties (King Size, Smooth, Superking (100 mm)) and also a menthol variety. The brand is in competition at the lower end of the market, against value UK cigarette brands such as Mayfair, Sovereign and Park Road.

Richmond Cigarettes are Superkings and King Size and are the fourth and fifth top-selling discount cigarettes in the UK respectively. Richmond's occupation of the lower price brackets means however, that it is associated with inferior quality. They are characterized by the bright blue packaging, which in early 2006 underwent a redesign: the serif font used being replaced for a more modern sans-serif, and general appearance becoming more minimalist.

Cheap Richmond cigarettes contain tobacco which has been passed down from the company "Lambert & Butler" and the rare brand L&P contain tobacco which has been passed down from discount Richmond cigarettes.

In 2008, new limited edition packs of Richmond cigarettes online were released under the name "Chill Edition".

Hence the "Imperial Tobacco" logo on the right side of Richmond cigarette's.



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